Light-Touch (RELAXATION) Massage

Relaxation Massage focuses on releasing bodily tension through gentle, repetitive strokes.  The Light-Touch technique combines the wealth and knowledge of both ancient eastern and western techniques and is based on the concept that touch itself is therapeutic.  Even though Relaxation Massage is much lighter and gentler than deeper forms of bodywork, it can relieve stress and provide a sense of release and energy.  Furthermore, Light-Touch is very enjoyable and comes without the sometimes temporary discomfort experienced during classic (medical) massage treatment.  Relaxation Massage will restore a mind-body balance and let you experience a weightless sensation of euphoria.

In some cases, Light-Touch Massage is the only option for patients.  We strongly recommend you explore this technique if you have a restrictive medical condition or have a generally low pain tolerance.

Medical reasons aside, anyone can enjoy the benefits of Relaxation Massage to find an escape from daily routines, obligations and stress.

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