Oleg Krivoshey

From a young age while growing up in Minsk, Belarus, Oleg’s deep fascination with anatomy, sport, and the natural sciences laid down a foundation for a lifelong career in helping people. He began independent, in-depth study of human anatomy, physiology, and athletic and fitness training, and later went on to formally study massage, Thai-yoga, joint mobilization, visceral manipulation, and stretch facilitation. Outside of structured lessons and classes, Oleg pried into anything that seemed like it could even potentially have healing effects – a reflection of his core underlying worldview and philosophy.

Methodical research, meticulous practice, and extensive experience developed Oleg’s profound understanding of the body’s language and system concepts of involved tissues causing pain and dysfunction. Through a personalized blending of technical knowledge, expertise, skill, and human compassion, he created a distinctively unique massage framework: the Body Integration system.

The Body Integration system builds on the fastest, most direct and effective ways of pinpointing targeted muscles and nerve centers to reverse a broad range of painful conditions. The treatment protocol and full body (muscle, joint, bone, fascia, and swelling) evaluation model combine to create a key modality to restore balance to these altered systems.

The injuries Oleg sees are frequently due to preexisting or complicated factors that the client is most often not even aware of. Oleg’s unique method specifically incorporates all pertinent techniques into a comprehensive plan to meet the individual client’s needs and conditions in the most effective way possible. He encourages an integrative, whole body experience, in user friendly, client-first environment.

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