Four Hands Massage

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We offer two kinds of Four Hands Massage:

  1. Regular Four Hand Massage.

  2. Four Hand Guided Massage for Couples. (2 clients get 1 hour massage each)

Regular Four Hand Massage - is an immensely pleasurable experience where you will receive a massage by two therapists simultaneously. Within 1 hour you will receive twice the amount of regular massage. The two therapists complement each other's work, keeping the body constantly warm, consequently achieving a more effective therapeutic result. Some of our customers have reported an experience of sensory overload, and something akin to taking powerful painkillers. A regular session lasts for one hour. It is definitely a special experience.

Four Hand Guided Massage for Couples - Yyou can recieve a 4-hand couples massage and learn how to massage your partner at the same time. One of our therapists will give a massage while simultaneously guiding Client #1 (Richard) to perform massage on Client #2 (Erin) for 1 hour. Afterward, Richard and Erin will switch roles, and Richard will receive a massage from our therapist in cooperation with Erin. As a result both Erin and Richard will each have received a 4 Hand Massage for 1 hour.

You will be gently instructed and follow our professional guidance during massage session. Everything will go in relaxing friendly atmosphere with soft music.

This is an increasingly popular option with us, which you are not likely to find anywhere else in Louisville.


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