Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a powerful therapy used to alleviate “knots” in the muscles, release tense areas and correct deep muscular imbalances.

With a regimen of Deep Tissue Massage it is possible to treat lifelong muscular stiffness, improve posture and eliminate chronic pain.  A major characteristic of the Deep Tissue technique is applying deep pressure in tight regions.  Using this technique, the therapist first softens and warms the tissue by increasing bloodflow to the surrounding area and then will proceed to stretch and make stiff muscular areas more malleable.  Deep Tissue Massage is one of the most recommended and popular types of massage, specifically for back ache, muscle cramps and pain.

Deep Tissue Massage vs. Regular Swedish Massage:

Deep Tissue Massage differs from the regular massage (usually known as Swedish Massage) offered at most spas.  Deep Tissue Massage is a very specific technique focused on healing muscular system imbalances, whereas the focus of the regular massage is on pleasure and relaxation.  Often, a therapist will combine the two techniques in one session by beginning and ending with the regular massage.  This helps the client to relax physically and mentally and allows introduction of the more remedial Deep Tissue Massage.

The Experience:

Depending on your condition and specific needs, the therapist will adjust the session accordingly to provide you the most beneficial treatment and comfort.  Many people enjoy Deep Tissue Massage and specifically request the deeper pressure.  However, Deep Tissue Massage can be intense, and therefore, communication with the therapist is very important.  Our goal is to provide the most positive, optimal massage experience for you.


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