Couples Massage


couple massage

Couples Massage provides an excellent opportunity to receive massage together with your spouse, friend or loved one. There are two tables and two therapists – one for each person to receive individualized treatment simultaneously. Couples massage is a shared experience that can strengthen your closeness.

Couples Massage may be arranged for a special occasion (Valentine’s Day, anniversary, birthday), or just as frequently, it may be arranged for two friends who wish to share a therapeutic session together.  It may be scheduled as a surprise for one of the parties or planned by the two of you together.


Usually Couples Massage is arranged in order for two people to enjoy each other’s company, so talking is quite appropriate, or you may prefer to remain quiet.  The choice is yours.  As in individual massage, you may choose to be completely nude, or if you are more comfortable, in underwear.  Either way, you will be covered at all times with a sheet and only the area being treated will be accessed.


In addition to all of the usual benefits of massage therapy, Couples Massage is a good way to introduce someone new to massage therapy.  Sharing the experience with a loved one can serve to enhance the pleasure of each of you.

couples massage

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