Chair Massage

Chair Massage is excellent for:

Chair Massage differs from traditional table massage in that the patient remains fully clothed and no oils are used.  It is rarely limited by space or time constraints and you can enjoy many of the benefits of Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage in a setting of your choosing.chair massage in louisville ky

Because Chair Massage is so “transportable,”  it suits so many events and locations.  We can work business and corporate functions, parties, trade shows, promotions, wedding receptions – you name it.  We can work on a beach, in the middle of a plaza, or deep in the forest.

In addition, we can work on many people within an hour, thereby enabling as many as 100 employees or customers to benefit from a 10-20 minute massage within a day.  Studies have shown that the brain begins to recharge with just a few minutes of therapeutic massage and muscle rejuvenation starts right away.  Chair Massage as a routine benefit will result in compound rewards of relaxation, improved mood, increased alertness and energy.

From a business perspective, rested and happy workers are more productive and better able to engage with customers.  Reducing stress lowers the amount of lost work days and general medical issues.  Also, if provided, our therapists are happy to wear a shirt with your organization's name and/or logo – another means of reinforcing the positive experience with your company.

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