Welcome to Body Integration in Clarksville, Indiana

In March we have officially opened our second massage therapy office located in Clarksville, Indiana. For a long time it has been under construction and it is finally complete. It is definitely worth your visit because you will be in for a special expereince. Our new office is like no other massage office you've seen before. It is like walking into a magical room, or an artpiece.

All of this artwork was created by Oleg Krivoshey using mixed media techniques he invented.

Here is some photo documentation of the work as it was created.

"We come into this world with endless skills, passions, curiosities, and forms of expression. Then we do not develop, let some slip away, forget, and lose them. I am still attracted to some my childish interests, things mostly ignored in “respectful” age. I am still hungry to know. I draw, sculpt, build, appreciate, and ask questions. I am not satisfied with my achievements yet strive to achieve more. I am still trying to explain myself to myself. My sculptures do not have names, only their silent messages. There is neither wordy language nor boundaries in the universe where they come from. That universe is within you and me, and we are its messengers and interpreters. The only difference between us is-we do it differently. I express it with my hands..."
- Oleg Krivoshey


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2800 Breckenridge Ln, Louisville, KY 40220.

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