Unique Offer: 4 Hand Guided Massage for Couples

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Cost: $120

You can recieve a 4-hand couples massage and learn how to massage your partner at the same time. One of our therapists will give a massage while simultaneously guiding Client #1 (Richard) to perform massage on Client #2 (Erin) for 1 hour. Afterward, Richard and Erin will switch roles, and Richard will receive a massage from our therapist in cooperation with Erin. As a result both Erin and Richard will each have received a 4 Hand Massage for 1 hour.

You will be gently instructed and follow our professional guidance during massage session. Everything will go in relaxing friendly atmosphere with soft music.


  • Same as regular 4-hand massage but for almost half the price.
  • You will receive practical experience which you can share with your partner anytime.
  • Create a greate memory with your partner.
  • It is fun, it is new, it is interesting.
  • Save $100 or more compared to regular 4 Hand Massage. Why? For a regular 4 Hand Massage, two profassional therapists are required, and thus the cost of the massage is doubled, but in this case, only one professional therapist is present resulting in a big price reduction for you.

Cost: $120


couple massage

Massage is one of the oldest and highest forms of the healing arts, predating orthodox medicine and all other complementary therapies. Sometimes called β€œthe laying on of hands,” it was valued for it's effectiveness in calming the mind, relaxing the body and allowing the healing process to begin.

In our technologically focused environment we sometimes forget the basic need for human touch. Physical touch is a natural and powerful aspect of life.

At Body Integration, we strive to develop a sense of safety and trust between the therapist and client using therapeutic massage. We honor the tradition of restoring and preserving optimal body, emotional and spiritual balance through human touch.

Massage for You

Because you are unique, our massage sessions are tailored to you. Staying within the legitimate bounds of the profession, we tailor each session to meet your therapeutic needs by using a unique integration of gentle and deep hands on massage technique. In this way, you are ensured the ultimate body-mind experience during our time together. Your satisfaction is key to keeping our business growing.

Atmosphere and Environment

Our massage facilities are clean, serene and private. We use fresh linens, relaxing and soulful music and soft lighting to provide a truly relaxing atmosphere. We pride ourselves on giving the best massage possible so that you are left feeling renewed, nurtured and rejuvenated.

End your day right and start the next in a better frame of mind. Whether for yourself or a loved one – friend, parent, spouse, etc. – our services are designed to provide the ultimate massage experience.


Schedule a massage this week with us. At Body Integration we love what we do and it shows in our work.

Earn Free Massage

Each successful referral earns you 15 free minutes of massage which means you can earn a full hour of massage for just four referrals. You can receive the free minutes by means of gift certificates which you may use yourself or give to others as a gift. It is your responsibility that the referred client mentions your name when making their reservation. We will note this by your name in our records.

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